Day 95 - Mercy {Five Minute Friday}

She's standing before me, head hung low, her eyes downcast... She's knows what she did.

I've talked myself blue in the face trying to get her to understand that we don't lie. She can tell me why we don't lie... how much it hurts God's heart and mine when she lies.

She knows that I want to trust her, that I long to know that each word from her mouth is truth.

She cries and tells me that she knows. That she too longs to be truthful, to please God and to do right...

And yet, she still lies.

Do I continue to grant mercy? How can I when she continues to do the very thing she asks forgiveness for everyday?

Then I realize the answer... How can I do anything but grant mercy?

Each day I sin against God. I don't always realize it, I don't always do so intentionally, but I do sin.

I deserve hellfire and brimstone. I deserve to be cast out of God's presence. I deserve everlasting punishment...

But that's not what I'm getting. By grace I am saved through Jesus Christ... Because of mercy.

So I will give mercy everyday.

When it's hard.

When it's infuriating.

When it seems impossible.

I will cling to the mercy I have been given... and pass it on.

I am thankful for the mercy that is extended to a sinner like me.

I am thankful for God who wants to grant mercy. He is not willing that any should perish. (2 Peter 3:9)

I am thankful for the constant support of my Heavenly Father as I strive to grant that which has been granted to me.

I am thankful for the opportunity to see just how hard it sometimes is to grant mercy... it makes me appreciate God's mercy all the more.

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