Day 89 - Busy

Do you ever get so busy you forget to live?

It sounds weird doesn't it? But it happens to me all too frequently.

I get bogged down in the day to day, and I forget to enjoy my life.

I think about this verse and it reminds me that taking a little time out from all the errands and "to-do" lists is more than ok...

This is Jesus, telling us why He came to die for us.

Not so that we could have massive to-do lists, not so that we could put work in front of family, not so that we could put off the joy He has planned for us... but so that we could have life. And have it more abundantly.

I am thankful that my God doesn't require my suffering to grant me salvation.

I am thankful that He rejoices with us in good times, and weeps for us in our grief.

I am thankful that He works in my life to my good and for His glory.

I hope your weekend is full of joy, family, laughter, and life more abundantly.

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