Day 108 - Rejoice

A friend of mine wrote a powerful post today. One that really caught me off guard.

She has struggled for many years with infertility and was just recently able to announce that she is a little over 9 weeks pregnant! That is fantastic news!

So when I clicked over to her blog today I wasn't expecting to read a post that brought me to tears.

She quoted Isaiah 54:1

You know that I am faced with childlessness and have the opportunity to lean on God day in and day out for strength and peace.

And He grants those things to me freely.

But to rejoice, to sing in the midst of this trail... that's a lot to ask.

I know that I should start singing again. You may know that I sang professionally for many years and just for fun for my whole life before that.

However, ever since this issue of childlessness started... I stopped singing. I stopped playing guitar and the violin... I just stopped all rejoicing sounds.

My heart was broken. My soul was ripped in two and I had no joy to send up in song.

That joy is coming back though. It may take a bit of coaxing, but I think the music is coming back too.

It's not just childlessness that has caused me to stop rejoicing in the past. Maybe you're facing something right now that is causing you to stop rejoicing the glory and plan of God.

Let's start rejoicing again together.

I may be a little rusty. But this barren woman is about to start rejoicing again.

    I am thankful that I am not forgotten.    

    I am thankful that I am loved so much by so many.

    I am thankful that I truly do have much to rejoice over.




  1. Its uncanny how you nearly always hit on something that I am having trouble with at the moment. My pickup died and it looks like I I'm going to have to get rid of it and my beloved 1978 Brondo in order to get some transportation. Not Earth shattering as problems go, but after moving up here and into a small room I had to lose quite a lot of my stuff, the Bronco being kind of the last vestige of something that I own that is nice that is mine. I no that it's just stuff and its just a means to get somewhere, but it still hits me in kind of a raw spot. BUT, here you come being all up beat and hopeful. Well I guess I'll put of crawling under a rock and pulling dirt over my head and giving up for a little longer. If for no other reason than I would feel very impolite turning down your invitation to join you. ;-)

    1. I'm sorry to hear about the Bronco! I know how close that is to your heart! I'm glad that you are putting off dirt dwelling for a little while longer :-) Here's to rejoicing again!

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  3. Victoria, I didn't know that you'd stopped singing. You should definitely share that gift with the world again. You are so talented. Maybe you could start with your kids at school. I know they'd love to hear you.

    1. Thanks Amy! You're so sweet :-) I have been singing with them both this year and last and it is super sweet and fun... but it's not really the same as pouring out my own wholehearted joy to God. I'm trying to get back there!


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