Day 93 - Peppermint Things

I've talked about red being my favorite color.

Well peppermint is my favorite scent.

I love the smell of peppermint tea warming on the stove. The fresh, invigorating effect it has on my senses.

I love the way peppermint essential oil transforms "plain old" hot chocolate into a luscious treat.

I love walking into my home and being greeted by that strong, sweet smell of pepperminty glory.

And as a bonus, it reminds me of Christmas!  *wink*

I am thankful for the many uses of peppermint.

I am thankful for access to pure peppermint essential oil that I can actually use in cooking.

I am thankful for a husband who also loves peppermint and therefore doesn't mind me using it all the time!

What is your favorite scent?

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